Jennifer Angus

Arranging Nature, Northern Illinois University

January 20 – February 25

Angus Arranging Nature

This exhibit is bright and fun! The gallery, located in the center of the art building at Northern Illinois University, is a good size space. For me, this was the largest wall-space installation that I have work on with Angus. Including some dense wall surfaces that made the job challenging at times. In the end it is always extremely rewarding to step back and take in the beautiful pattern that Angus creates.

20130118001Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118008Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118009Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118010Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118011Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118027Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118033Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118037Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118043Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118045Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118049Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118052Angus Install Dekalb NIU

Huge shout out to all volunteer help involved with this installation!

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